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What is Medallion Plus®?
Medallion Plus is a line of high-quality engine oil and lubrication products made specifically for everyday driving in automobiles and light trucks. Medallion Plus is an exclusive proprietary brand from Moove, one of the largest distributors of lubrication products and services in the U.S. It is formulated and blended according to strict Moove quality standards.

What does engine oil do for my vehicle?
Medallion Plus products keep the moving parts in your engine lubricated, defending against moisture, rust, build-up and general wear. Choosing a high-quality oil means better protection and longer component life.

Why should I choose Medallion Plus?
Medallion Plus delivers high-quality protection across thousands of miles at an affordable price. When you choose Medallion Plus, you drive quality and value with every mile.

Why do I need an oil change?
Oil doesn’t wear out - it just gets dirty. Changing the oil and oil filter in your vehicle according to the manufacturer’s recommendations removes contaminants that contribute to wear and build-up. Medallion Plus prolongs the life of your engine components by protecting them with expert formulations exclusively offered by Moove.

Is Medallion Plus good for my vehicle?
Medallion Plus is expertly formulated to protect automobile and light truck engines and components. All Medallion Plus products meet or exceed industry licensing and specifications, including the latest API categories, SAE requirements, ILSAC specifications, and OEM qualifications.

What does an API certification mean?
The American Petroleum Institute (API) offers a voluntary licensing and certification program for engine oil marketers. Companies that meet the API’s latest quality-control requirements use this mark to verify their products and ensure peace of mind for consumers.

How does Medallion Plus compare to major oil brands?
Just like familiar oil brands, Medallion Plus offers installers and consumers licensed products that meet or surpass the stringent Original Equipment Manufacturers and the American Petroleum Institute requirements.