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Product Packaging and Delivery

Medallion Plus® installers and service center managers rely on Moove as the largest and most trusted distributor of lubrication products in the country. With distribution centers located in all regions of the U.S., a dedicated fleet, and a team of experienced delivery personnel, choosing Medallion Plus means partnering with the industry’s leading automotive lubrication provider. Receive regular or custom-scheduled deliveries of products in the quantity that best fits your business.


Medallion Plus Packaging Options


Bag-In-A-BoxMedallion Plus Bag-in-a-box packaging display

Now a service bay staple, the Medallion Plus Bag-In-A-Box design stacks easier, stores smaller and pours quicker than plastic bottle alternatives. Plus, it significantly cuts landfill waste.

  • Cost-effective means of offering multiple options for premium motor oils
  • Speeds up the oil change process by two to three minutes, increasing technician productivity
  • Uses one-half the space of single-quart cases
  • External pour spout is easy to reach, quickly shuts off for precise measuring
  • Saves a half-pound of plastic with every oil change
  • Cardboard outer shell is completely recyclable



Packaged OilMedallion Plus bottle sizes packaging display

Medallion Plus products are available in a wide variety of packaging sizes and vessels to meet every installer preference and need.

  • Cases of Quart Bottles
  • Cases of Gallon Jugs
  • Pails
  • Kegs
  • Drums
  • Totes



Bulk OilPetroChoice bulk oil delivery truck

Moove offers a bulk oil program that pumps the required engine oils directly into service center tanks. Moove can refill existing bulk containers or provide bulk tanks for purchase or lease.

Please contact a Medallion Plus expert for all packaging options available in your area.